About Me

Dear Reader,

Recruiters, Designers, Curious folk, welcome to my page!

Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Sara Behbakht and I am a human-centered designer. I’m from Denver, Colorado and I graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle. Since then I’ve leaned into remote work and taken the opportunity to become a digital nomad and travel across the country!

At my core, I want to help people and be creative. I love learning with and from people to make things that can make their lives easier. Thus far in my design journey, I’ve gotten to work with cancer survivors, travel agents, wedding planners, community organizers, and so many more fascinating humans that work on our world. I’ve learned such empathy through creating products, services, and experiences across many industries and I hope to continue this throughout my career.

It is my sincerest hope that my portfolio will get in the hands of someone who shares my passions for sustainability, equity, mental health, and education and can give me the opportunity to work on something that matters!

Let’s re-imagine the world one pixel at a time


-Sara 🐝


I doodle a lot and created this reel to show what I’m all about. Check it out!

Projects in progress

  • Seattle Children’s Hospital Geocaching Project
  • a playbook for inclusive + accessible design
  • Personal branding for my portfolio
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