Usability Test Plan


This test is intended to collect valuable information about the usability of our international travel application. This app aims to efficiently and empathetically guide travelers through an international travel experience and account for how travel will be impacted due to COVID-19. We wish for our prototype to help continue this speculative work at an online travel shopping company. Your data will be kept anonymous and confidential. Also, please note, we are testing our prototype, not your ability to use our application. Thank you so much!

Scenario: You are a 21-year old traveler named Dillon. You have never traveled outside the country and are hoping to travel internationally for the first time! 

Screener Questions

  1. Have you previously used a travel booking application (e.g., Google Flights, Airbnb, Expedia)?
  2. Do you currently live in the United States?
  3. Are you between the ages of 20 to 30?
  4. Do you plan on traveling internationally after the COVID-19 pandemic?


  1. You have just downloaded the Expedia Play app, use the prototype to make an account, and learn about the application.
    1. How do you feel after creating an account? 
  2. You decide you would like to travel to London for two weeks during the summer. Starting from the Trips tab, use the prototype to book a trip to London.
    1. How likely are you to use the custom budget feature when booking an international trip?
  3. You have just booked your trip to London on this app. You are flying out from Sea-Tac International Airport, and by using Expedia to book your trip, you qualify to reserve a lounge space in the Expedia lounge at the airport before boarding. Reserve a space in the lounge at the airport.
    1.  What other information would you have liked to have during the reservation process to assist you with picking a pod/space to reserve?
  4. You arrive in London and want to ride the London Eye while on your trip. Starting from the Explore tab, find and add this activity to your London trip schedule.
    1. How does your experience planning this activity compare to your experience planning activities for travel in the past?


We will collect data using the metrics and collection methods for each usability attribute presented in the table below.

EffectivenessTypeCollectionPlanned Analysis
Completion rateQuantitative, objectiveManually countedDescriptive statistics
Number of errors (navigating back to previous page/closing window)Quantitative, objectiveManually countedDescriptive statistics
End of task question: “How difficult was this task on a scale of 1-5?”Quantitative, subjectiveLikert scaleDescriptive statistics
EfficiencyTypeCollectionPlanned Analysis
Time spent completing the taskQuantitative, objectiveTimerDescriptive statistics (overall relative efficiency)
SatisfactionTypeCollectionPlanned Analysis
Perceived ease of useEnd of task question:“Do you have any additional comments/feedback about the task?”Qualitative, subjectiveVerbally (interview)Content analysis, affinity diagramming
Overall experience(Reference Post-Test Interview Questions)Qualitative, subjectiveVerbally (interview), observations (interview)Content analysis, affinity diagramming
Think aloud protocolQualitative, subjectiveVerbally (interview)Content analysis, affinity diagramming

Post-Test Interview Questions

After completing the tasks, we will ask all participants the following questions:

  1. How was your overall experience with our app? Would you consider using it after this study?
  2. Were there any parts during the study where you felt confused? If so, when and why?
  3. What travel applications do you typically use to book and plan trips?, How does this app compare to other travel apps you’ve used? Do you think this experience was better or worse and why?
  4. If you had the power to change or add anything to the app, what would you change/add and why?

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