Project description: I designed this application at the SWE hack-a-thon with a team of very talented human-centered designers. We chose to design for users who use many medications and we created SPECTRUM. SPECTRUM is a medication mood tracking application that empowers patients to take control of their health care.  Our goal was to create an application where people who used medication could track their moods and symptoms long term, and notice patterns that they can share with their health care provider.

Duration: 9 hours on April 10th

Team: Sara Behbakht, Ashley Boone, Kathy Bui, Wanyu Guan and Kailey Terrancianio

Tools: Paper and pen, Figma, and Marvel

Try our interactive prototype here !

App Pathways

Calendar and overview: These pages were designed to give a quick glance and trend report over a month, a week, or even a specific day

Medication Management: This flow was designed to allow users to add and manage their prescriptions.

Future Improvements:

  • It is very difficult to quantify mood, we struggled with this for a long time, we finally settled on a spectrum of negative, positive, and neutral. While these are not the most typical adjectives to describe someone’s mood, we felt they would encompass the range of moods a user could feel, and then also provided a “say a little more box” at the bottom.
  • We struggled with the ability for the user to go back and change their data for a previous day, we wanted users to be able to add something if they forgot it but also not to be able to tamper with their data later on. We left off the ability to change previous data, however, we would’ve liked an “plus” button to add more notes, but not to change any previous data.
  • One of the original goals of this application was to have the data sent to health care providers, we decided to go in a different direction in which the user can just show the overview page to the provider during an appointment. Providers already have so much data to chart we didn’t want to add to that already excessive amount. This also gives Users the ability to choose to share things with their provider, which we decided to make one of the big goals of our project.
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