Seattle Public Transit


Seattle Public Transit is composed of two transportation companies, King County Metro and Sound Transit. Seattle Public Transit serve the thousands of tourists and commuters that travel in and around Seattle each day. In order to best support riders, it is important to provide a cohesive, affordable, consistent visual system to communicate transportation information. Currently, the Seattle Transit system lacks cohesion and gives off an impression of sterility. With this project, I focused on welcoming tourists to our vibrant city and creating a friendlier consistent visual system.

Project Description: As a part of an advanced product design course, I was challenged to reimagine Seattle Public Transit and apply a cohesive visual system to mobile application, kiosks, and wayfinding elements.

Duration: June 2020 – August 2020

Design Goals

Cohesive: Seattle Public Transit is currently composed of Sound Transit and King County transit. To make travel in Seattle more user friendly, it was important that these two entities worked together to provide a cohesive transit experience.

Welcoming: Some people would say Seattle has a reputation for being cold and hostile.
My goal was to challenge this stereotype and portray Seattle as welcoming, vibrant, and lively place.


A local parent wants to take his child on an adventure to the space needle.

A Parisian tourists travels to visit the famous University of Washington Cherry Blossoms.

Brand Book


Onboarding: An interactive welcome and introduction to the main functions of the application.

Trip Planning: Effortlessly plan trips with multiple stops and choose a route.

Payment: Easy payment options that allow reloading cards, managing payment methods and buying one way tickets.


Check Schedule: Riders can check schedule and see if any transportation is running late.

Screen casting from Phone: Riders can scan the QR code and project their saved trips on the kiosk.

Informational Pamphlet

Riders can use this pamphlet to learn about the transportation process with Seattle Transportation.


A sign indicating the direction of transportation and the transportation schedule.

Examples of exit sign and station sign.

A mockup of a public safety sign reminding riders that masks are mandatory due to COVID-19.

Future Developments

In the future I hope to continue working on this project and expand to wayfinding throughout Seattle and work on a similar visual system for the King County Water Taxi.

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